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Need help from You Guys, pls [Obrazek: clear.png]
I am a graphic designer. I can not decide on my core domain name. Could you tell me what looks and sounds best for you? And of course is not wierd, because a lot of people are paranoid about opening websites with some exotic extensions.

1.My surname sierant.com is taken by a pretty big polish company (they make windows). I can register sierant.co or sierant.me - but i am afraid people will be directed to sierant.com

2.my initials + grfx- it is short and have .com extension and i have it already. Does it look wierd, like 6 random letters?

3.my initials + design  is taken by another graphic studio but i can have psdesign.co It looks good because .PSD  is a Photoshop file extension, but same thing with  - i am afraid people will be directed to psdesign.com

4.Another idea 

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