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Error on javascript
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Error on javascript 09-04-2018 16:13

I have been using this javascript code and it's running fine and displayed the value correctly when in preview mode but when I raised the form from new case, the code seems not running and display nothing when I key in the field accordingly. Is this a bug? 
function showTotal() {
getField('bafSales').value = getField("SYS_GRID_AGGREGATE_bafDetailBrand_bafTotal").value;
getField('test').value = getField("SYS_GRID_AGGREGATE_bafDetails_bafExpenses").value;
getField('bafRatio').value = getField('test').value / getField('bafSales').value;
getField('bafRatio').value = roundNumber(getField('bafRatio').value,2).toFixed(2) * 100;
getGridField('bafDetailBrand', 1 , 'bafTotal').onchange = showTotal;
grid_bafDetailBrand.onaddrow = function(row){
getGridField('bafDetailBrand',row , 'bafTotal').onchange = showTotal;
I've tried on Pm ver 2.0.45 and 2.0.46 testing 5 also having the similar issue

Any help will be apprecited.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. 

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Thank you.
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